The term “blind pig” originated in the United States in the early 20th century; it was applied to establishments that sold alcohol during prohibition. The operator of an establishment (such as a saloon or bar) would charge customers to see an attraction (such as an animal) and then serve a “complimentary” alcoholic beverage, thus circumventing the law.


Whilst we can’t guarantee to show you an attraction, we do want to show you a good time!  If you have any questions regarding the menu or the venue, please ask a member of staff.

We’re a sociable bunch at The Blind Pig and our menu has been designed to reflect this.  Our selection of nibbles, small plates and signature platters are lovingly made using quality ingredients and are perfect for sharing.  

We wholeheartedly believe in supporting our fellow, local businesses.  It is, after all,  an era of tough times and austerity! Therefore, lots of the dishes on our menu include ingredients provided by establishments based on our doorstep.

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*Last food orders will be taken at 8:30pm.  C'mon give the Chef a break!